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Today's article, we will talk about the cultivation technique called "main-lining", which is gaining great popularity among growers because it can increase crops considerably.

It is a fairly simple technique and also economic, because you do not need to buy any sophisticated equipment.

We start!

What is Main-Lining?

"Main-lining", also called "manifolding" or "fluxing" is gaining many followers today.

It consists of giving a special shape to the plant so that it makes an optimal use of the space, and also a greater productivity is achieved.

If we do it correctly, the "main-lining" technique will allow indoor cultivation with an effect similar to the ScrOG mesh system, but without the use of mesh. This is a plus point especially if the space is reduced.

You could say that the "main-lining" is a combination between the LST techniques, "topping" and the ScrOG mesh.

It is a technique that is quite ingenious giving multiple advantages in terms of vigorous development of Cannabis plants.

The procedure begins by forming the seedlings so that their stem resembles a connector (a pipe that divides into different openings), with a Y-shaped fork.

Then, in the vegetative phase, this procedure is repeated in the newly developed areas of the plant. This multiplies the number of tails or apical buds. In theory, you can continue expanding the number of tails arriving to produce 8, 10, 18, 30 …

Advantages of the Main-Lining System in Cannabis

In addition to space saving, high productivity and low cost of this system we can also highlight several benefits of this technique.

With the Main-Lining, the apical dominance. This means that the plants tend to favor the point that is closest to the lights, causing that branch to develop more.

This generates a great hormonal balance in the physiology of the plant, which you can manipulate in a simple way using a little rope or wire.

In the case that you observe that one of the branches develops faster than the others, instead of pruning the tip ("topping") to reduce its development, with this system they must tie it below the height of the next best branch.

In this way, the plant goes to redirect its power to the second best branch. This process must be done as many times as necessary until all the bifurcations have a good development.

In this way, the plant is deceived so that it divides its energy better in a more equitable way between the branches, generating a very beautiful plant of appearance and above all, with a lot of vigor and productive.

Our advice is to start with seed. One of the strong points for the "main-lining" technique to be a success is that the development between the knots of the branches are symmetrical and opposite.

When the plants are reaching the stage of sexual maturity, probably begin to alternate the knots of the branches.

In the case of cuttings, usually the knots begin to alternate shortly after the moment in which the plant develops roots. If you want to achieve incredible results with the "main-lining" technique, you must start from seeds.

Carry out the different branches in the plant

As we have commented previously, the technique of "main-lining" aims to look for symmetry.

Starting with the seed, you should prune the tip of your plant after the third internode. This will cause a stem with Y-shaped bifurcations. After waiting a few days for it to recover, you will have to, with great care, remove all the lower leaves.

Once this process is done, you have two main stems. Tie them down, gently.

You must keep in mind that it is very easy to break a branch, so delicacy must be your priority; massage the stem lightly to get it done more flexible, and do it little by little. Try lowering the stems so that they grow horizontally.

After a short period of development, you will have to do the same procedure again, and you will have 4 main stems. You can do the process as many times as you want and get all the main queues you want 18, 30 or 62!

However, you should keep in mind that this will not be practical, and will only increase the vegetative period to a point that is not worthwhile. The most advisable thing is stop pruning the tips of the branches around the third week.

Once at this point, you will not have to do anything of the system, only the daily care of the plant. But soon you will realize that there will not be so much maintenance work.

A simple technique

As you have been able to appreciate, the technique is quite simple to perform. You must move your plants to the flowering phase and you will be amazed with your harvest.

Another benefit of this system is that stress will concentrate on the earlier stages of the development of the plant. Once they pass, everything is more relaxed.

Once the plant starts the flowering process, you will not have to stress it anymore. Although the technique has advantages, it must be taken into account that the maturity and harvest time can be increased, since the plant will be forced to reprogram continuously and divide your energy to other branches.

With the "main-lining" technique you will observe that the light will be used more effective and efficient. And another advantage is that it decreases the risk of the plant contracting fungi, because this method makes for better air circulation.

Another advantage is that not many buds are generated "small popcorn" There will be no lower branches that are desperately looking for light.

This means that there are no longer those lower branches that in the end are a loss of water, fertilizer and light. The energy of the plant will focus on the main branches, generating a multitude of large and resinous buds.

No need for Meshes

As we said at the beginning of the posr, with the "main-lining" is not required ScrOG meshes. With this method, the plants are going to be stressed in the initial stage, they will compensate it by greatly fattening their main stems.

A ScrOG mesh will be used for the foliage is opened and do support. However, with this technique, normally the main shoots are going to bend downwards.

Through the technique of "main-lining" this is complicated to happen. The branches will not bend to open the plant. They will have a more vertical and equitable development.

In addition, the main-lining technique makes the crop more orderly and we can move better for it.

A harvest of 10

To finish, we must talk about the harvest moment, which is really what matters to us. The plants that have been developed with the "main-lining" technique result very simple to prune.

With a few quick cuts in the tails, you'll have the dense buds.

The time wasted by cutting leaves to make the most of the harvest. In fact, with this technique, many growers claim that the time of their crops is reduced by 75%. Do not you think it's surprising?

In short, it is a method that we recommend trying, because it's easy and the results are incredible. Just keep in mind that the seed is of quality and always look for symmetry.

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