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More and more growers decide to grow with coconut fiber, because this substrate offers various advantages with respect to other common substrates such as the earth. In this post we tell you what is coconut fiber, how to grow cannabis in it and its advantages and disadvantages.

Coconut Fiber to Grow Cannabis

The coconut fiber is the increasingly sold substrate, especially in indoor crops. Many growers use it as their only substrate while others mix it with pearlite or clay pebbles.

The truth is that cannabis is cultivated very well in this substrate, which has a texture very similar to the soil and create long and very healthy roots. The coconut fiber is not fertilized, therefore, we must provide the nutrients to part in the irrigation water.

What is Coconut Fiber?

When processing coconuts for their multiple commercial uses, the first thing that is done is to remove the thick fiber husk that covers them. Once it is removed, the coconut ball that we have all seen is exposed.

The shell of the coconuts is covered by a fibrous pula which can in some cases be up to 10cm thick. A debarking machine obtains that fiber that is used for multiple functions, including serving as a substrate in agriculture and gardening.

Characteristics of Coconut Fiber

Coconut fiber is a substrate considered as inert. It is true that it includes some beneficial trichoderma, but does not have any type of nutrients. The grower is the one who must manually fertilize the coconut fiber and provide the nutrients as the plants grow.

The trichodermas They are creating fungal colonies that are beneficial in the roots of the plant, favoring their optimal development. These beneficial fungi help the immune system of the plant remains strong and at the same time favors its correct metabolism.

Advantages of Growing Coconut Marijuana

One of the main advantages of growing coconut is that it is a very soft substrate, which means that does not offer much resistance to the roots so that they expand and the plant grows.

The root balls are generated quickly, which causes the plant to have a vigorous vegetative growth. A strong and vigorous development in the vegetative stage it means that the plants will be large, as long as these have space. If the opposite occurs, the plant will have less vegetation time before changing to 12-12.

Another characteristic of coconut fiber is light, it has good ventilation thanks to the fact that it is spongy. The texture that presents light and well distributed favors the exchange of gases in the area of ​​the roots. The coconut fiber I do not know what's left caked nor does it stretch like other substrates.

Another benefit of coconut fiber is that It is reusable, and it is obtained from sustainable sources that respect the environment. Coconut fiber does not decompose. Also, if it is rinsed well, it can be used again without problems.

It should also be noted that It is unattractive to insects, therefore, there is less likelihood that insects and other parasites colonize and live in it.
It also offers greater control over the nutrients we bring to the plant. Makes the plant assimilate all the nutrients very well that we provide and controlling the exact dose.

Disadvantages of Coconut Marijuana Growing

Coconut fiber is a substrate that does not have many disadvantages when it comes to growing in it. Cultivate in it means that you must bring your own nutrients and be the only source of food your plants have, but that's what it's about.

We must take more comprehensive control of the pH and electroconductivity of water to avoid the typical problems of assimilation of nutrients. However, this is a practice that is advised whenever it is grown indoors and outdoors, whatever the substrate used.

Some coconut fibers, especially the finer ones, it is true that they retain moisture, but it is solved only by providing a 30% pearlite or clay pebbles To the mix. With this operation we increase the permeability while providing a greater surface for the development of roots.

Another one of the small disadvantages of growing in coconut, is that the plants will need two more of magnesium and calcium than if we cultivate with others substrates for marijuana. We must control calcium and magnesium very well so that the plant has an optimal metabolism and development.

The mineral magnesium for cannabis is vital for photosynthesis, and it requires calcium to be properly absorbed. Calcium is essential in formation of vigorous cell walls, and needs magnesium to be assimilated well.

In conclusion

Coconut fiber is a substrate ideal for growing Cannabis and more and more growers are using it. The advantages of this substrate give us the reason. It is economical, respectful with the environment, reusable and also favors the development of strong roots and optimal growth of the plant. Along with modern cultivation techniques such as ScrOG or mainlining, coconut fiber will give you very satisfactory results.

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