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In today's post we will see how Avoid spreading marijuana plants. Espigamiento is a term used to refer to high stem growth of marijuana and that negatively affects the result of the crops.

It is a very frequent problem that causes plants to grow poor and lanky and, as a result of this, it swing and be physically unstable. To control the cannabis spike It is necessary to understand the interaction of plants with the environment in which they live.

Why do plants stretch?


One of the main reasons why plants stretch is due to the strains. The different genes of each one make them grow to a greater or lesser extent.

While the indica strains they are more leafy and grow less, the sativa usually experience high growth during the first phase of flowering that can exceed two meters in certain varieties. Plant growth is not harmful to some extent.

If the plant's growth is very high it could cause it to reduce the weight of the final crop, That the internodes be very long or have a lower flower production (being these of lower quality). Therefore, it is important to choose the type of variety if you want to prevent the overgrowth of cannabis.

If we have not planned the spiking of marijuana plants We will have to reorganize the crop, adapting to the height of the plants to achieve maximum yield from them. If the plants are outdoors they present several problems. On the one hand, the possibility that the plants are in sight. On the other, the weakness of the branches against strong winds.

How to avoid spreading marijuana plants?


It is the main factor to consider when we want to prevent plants from growing disproportionately from before planting them. Indica varieties are more bushy and their internodal distance is shorter than those of the sativa variety, which tend to get longer.

Light Exposure


Exposure to light can be one of the main causes of plant gleaning. And is that the insufficient exposure to light will make the plants accelerate its growth to get closer to the spotlight

Indoors, poor lighting can make the space too crowded and ruin the plant's performance. Provide a sufficient lighting it will limit the growth of the stem but be careful when bringing the light too close to the plants since it can cause very stretched stems and, consequently, limit the production of the crop.

In addition to the distance to the light source, the type of light used It will also affect the growth of your plant. The warm lights they give rise to thinner and elongated stems, while the cold lights they get a more horizontal development of the plant and a lower height. Once the plant is ready for its vegetative phase, we can use metal halide lamps to prevent it from growing with very long stems.

Crop temperature

When the diurnal and nocturnal temperature difference of the plants is high, they produce a greater amount of gibberellin. The Gibberellin is a growth hormone involved in the development of vegetables that stimulates plant stem growth. Ideally, maintain temperatures with a massive difference of 5 ° C between day and night.



Ventilation can be helpful for Avoid spreading marijuana plants. The use of oscillating fans Together with air extractors for marijuana crops can be of great help. The wind produced by the fans will make the plant grow strong and the growth more compact.

Prune, bend or mold the plants

We can always opt for the more traditional method: prune, fold and tie the tips of the branches. With this method we would minimize the height of the plants and maximize their production.

The main problem is that for this we need space. If it is not available, the best option is limit vertical growth of the branches by pruning them and boost horizontal growth. Another point against this method is that pruning can take many plants a few days to recover their normal state of growth.

We hope this article has helped you to know how to avoid the spreading of marijuana plants.

Do not hesitate to share your doubts and experiences with all of us.

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Here is what you need to know before seeing your local medical dispensary:You will require a doctor’s recommendation, medical cannabis certificate, or whatever appropriate documentation is required by your state. Typically, you must be 18 or older to qualify for a medical consent, but exceptions may be made in some states for minors with especially debilitating conditions. You will usually enroll with a medicinal dispensary. This is to keep your medical cannabis recommendation or certification on file for regulatory and legal purposes. There’ll be a waiting room. This is to control the circulation of patients and product, but a simple dividing wall gives patients solitude and direct one-on-one contact using a budtender to discuss medical problems. Many times, but not always, your purchases will be monitored by medical dispensaries. This process can help budtenders and patients track effective medicine in addition to have a living record of producers and products for future reference and follow up. Medicinal dispensaries usually allow you to smell and analyze the buds prior to purchase. This might vary from state-to-state.

Yes, municipal approval is required before the AGLC will issue a retail cannabis license. Applicants should get in contact with their intended municipality to learn requirements concerning municipal retail cannabis legislation, zoning requirements, land-use limitations, and place requirements regarding how close a retail store can be to a provincial health care facility, college, or parcel of land designated as a school book.
Keep non-medical cannabis legal Adults that are 19 years or older are able to:Have up to 30 g of authorized dried cannabis or the equivalent in their person. Share up to 30 gram of legal cannabis with other adults in Canada. Buy cannabis goods from a Yukon Liquor Corporation licensed retailer. Grow up to four crops per family. It is illegal to present non invasive cannabis to anyone under the age of 19 and for anybody below the age of 19 to have any amount of non-medical cannabis in Yukon.It is dangerous and illegal to drive while under the influence of cannabis or other intoxicants.

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