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Do you know what they are called the precious sticky crystals that cover the flowers of marijuana? Of course, yes, they are the trichomes, the part of the plant where the resin glands are, the valuable terpenes and cannabinoids that give cannabis its known psychoactive and medicinal effects.

In these resin glands of the buds we can find the most psychoactive part of marijuana and therefore the Kifi that we obtain from them will be really intense.

A dry extraction of the trichomes can result in a Kifi of excellent quality or of really bad quality, depending on how the plants have been harvested. As a general rule in Spain, a low-quality Kifi is known, which comes from Morocco and has been extracted from varieties of bad genetics and dried in the sun, among many other habits that are not at all advisable.

But if you intend to extract Kifi at home from good varieties, good practices and with the help of mesh and sieves you can get as a result an excellent quality Kifi.

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What is the Kifi, Kief, Keef or Kit?

Container with Kifi
Container with Kifi

The Kifi refers mainly to the formation of crystals or trichomes, ie resin glands, where the terpenes and cannabinoids are found. They give all their properties to marijuana.

The Kifi that we prepare at home based on a plant with good genetics, which is well cultivated and treated, will not have anything to do with the Kifi that is known in Morocco.

A quality Kifi it should be just the bulbous tip of the tricoma from the heart of marijuana, the substance is only part of the trichome.

Trichomes as a mode of protection

Trichomes seen with a microscope
Trichomes seen with a microscope for culture

This type of external trichomes can be found in various plants and algae, in all of them they have a specific function, as in carnivorous plants, whose function is catch their prey. In the case of marijuana, it serves as a protector, since it is a dissuasive for its predators.

Cannabis trichomes make their herbivorous predators very hungry, since once they start eating they experience an intense psychoactive sensation that disorients them and prevents them from eating. The powerful odor of the resin also seduces pollinating insects, favoring their reproduction through pollen.

A quality Kifi should be only the bulbous tip of the trichome of the heart of marijuana

If you like concentrated or extractions of marijuana, a good option is to sift Kifi, with this we obtain a high concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids. Consuming cannabis by separating Kifi crystals from plant matter is an alternative that reduces the amount of carbonized material the body receives.

Extracting Kifi is not a difficult task, in this post we tell you how to make a pure Kifi, of quality, without plant material.

The easiest way to do it is with the use of a pollinator grinder, with it we extract the most concentrated resin. You only have to buy a pollinator grinder, so that every time you pick marijuana your resin glands will be collected in your compartment below.

A two-chamber grinder usually allows the most powerful Kifi crystals to be lost by mixing with the dry grass or sticking to the inside of the grinder. With a three-part grinder you can grind very finely Cannabis and Kifi crystals will fall through the mesh or sieve, collecting in the lower compartment.

To extract higher quantities of Kifi, other most appropriate tools, as it can be the silk fabrics that allow to separate Kifi from the vegetal matter sifting the flowers.

In the market we also find special sieves that will serve to separate all the plant material. The Kifi usually measure between 75 and 125 microns, which hinders the separation of plant matter, therefore to get a Kifi as pure and clean, it is advisable to have different sieves, with different micrajes, in this way we can obtain different qualities.

To achieve the best results, the screens must be stacked consecutively in order from highest to lowest micraje. When we buy the sieves we must take into account the number of cables or wire per inch, or the number of lines per inch (LPI). The higher the LPI number, the less plant material will pass. To sieve Kifi the most advisable sieves are those that oscillate between an LPI of 80 to 270.

Another fundamental fact that should be appreciated is the color of the Kifi, the clearer its color the purer it will be. If its color is green it means that there are still remains of plant matter.

How to keep the Kifi?

There are several ways to use this extract, now we give you some ideas to improve the product, to maintain or increase its power and refine its appearance.

Keep it con the least amount of oxygen possible it is the most advisable, since the oxygen spoils the matter.

One way to save it is without pressing, there are those who prefer their way of dust easier to dose, with a more original taste and a less narcotic effect. To keep it in the form of dust we must do it in a hermetic metallic container, and we must also take the precaution every time we uncover it, it is not uncovered for a long time.

Another way to save it would be pressing it, really in this way we would have hashish, a product easier to conserve air, but for which it is also convenient to store in an airtight container. This produces a more narcotic effect, since THC decomposes better when the resin glands are broken.

The Kifi can be consumed in a normal joint, vaporized in a vaporizer, a bong or a pipe or take it in any recipe with marijuana.

What is the difference with Hashish?

Actually the extraction of Kifi is one of the first steps to obtain hashish. Hashish is fundamentally Kifi that It has been heated and pressurized forming a ball of green-brown color. When applying heat and pressure to the Kifi, the resin glands are broken and its composition changes, thus changing its flavor and its effects.

Best varieties to make Kifi


Maroc genetics comes from Morocco and has been worked by the seed bank Female Seeds to take full advantage of its potential. It is perfect for all types of resin extraction such as Kifi.

Pakistan Chitral Kush

An original variety from Pakistan very resistant and high quality perfect to make Kifi.


The Kifi is one of the most interesting products obtained from marijuana, besides being one of the most popular and very easy to access. Only with a three-part grinder you can get an excellent Kifi.

If you intend to extract Kifi at home from good varieties, good practices and with the help of screens and sieves you can get as a result a Kifi of excellent quality.

Herb Approach

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