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Marijuana affects sperm.

Scientists at Duke University have discovered that marijuana may have the ability to affect the genes that provide sperm in males both in humans and in rodents.

These scientists at Duke University have found that regular marijuana use could affect the quality of sperm and the growth capacity of some vital organs, as well as increase the ability to fight cancer and tumors.

The study has been conducted by dividing it into two parts. The first analyzed the sperm of male rodents that had been injected with controlled doses of THC, and another group of rodents that had not been exposed to THC. In the second part the sperm of human males has been studied. To conduct the study, two small groups of men were made, a first group that smoked regularly marijuana, and another group of men that would do as a control group, which would have smoked marijuana a few times but had not consumed it in the last year. .

The tests of the study show variations in sperm between the two groups, that have not gone unnoticed by researchers and that raises the question of whether marijuana can affect the future growth of your children.

In other studies done previously the scientists had already detected other risk factors that can occur when you are consuming cannabis. In 2015 a study suggested that smoking marijuana could decrease the amount of sperm. In 2016, another study found that marijuana could also reduce fertility in women. It was also shown that Marijuana can delay or even prevent orgasm in men.

Marijuana produces changes in sperm.

However, not all the studies that have been conducted have shown that marijuana is detrimental to the sexual life of people. In a statistical study it was shown as 34% of women who used marijuana had more sex than women who did not. According to this statistical study, the figure can exceed up to 22% in more sex. However, this may be due to other causes that a statistical study is not able to monitor or control.

Before you get paranoid to someone, you should know that the sample used for the study, that is, the number of people who participated in it was very small. In addition, there was no control over the concentration of the amount of THC that people consumed during the study.

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