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As we all know, to make extractions of Butane Hash Oil (BHO) ultrarefined gases are used, which are especially indicated for this purpose and which have very few impurities. To obtain a quality product, it is essential that the gas we use for the BHO extraction has more than 12 filtrates so that the final product has the least amount of waste.

Certain gases still exist in the market for BHO extractions that contain waste which can be very harmful to health. It is important to make sure you buy gas for bho extraction that is specific to this process.

Years ago, the creators of BHO were not so meticulous and used for the extractions the typical orange cylinder butane gas. You can already imagine how toxic the BHO oil that our parents smoked could be … The specific gases for extractions that we buy today have been refined up to 12 times and have a 0.005% impurities.

The gases that are used for BHO extractions are practically free of harmful substances, a clean gas that leaves no flavors or odors to the final product so that its consumption is not harmful.

For extractions common lighter gas should not be used, because in addition to damaging the taste of the oil, they are full of harmful substances because they have not been subjected to filtering.

As for quality, you can not compare an oil extracted with ordinary lighter gas with an oil extracted with a specific refined gas for this process.

In Spain, two types of gas brands are commonly used for BHO extractions.

The two gases that are most used in our country for extractions are Gas Hummingbird and Gas Clipper special for extractions that have up to 10 less impurities than the common. There are also two well-known brands that give good results, such as Gas Atomic and Gas DME Dexso.

It should be noted that the Dexso gas contains Dimethyl Ether and not butane. It is an organic compound that is used to extract the resin without impurities of butane.

Gas Hummingbird

The Gas Hummingbird It is used to perform tube extractions, and it allows different textures to be obtained depending on the way it is done, although it is usually used to make extractions in which the Shatter or Honey Comb wax is not cleaned.

The impurities of our extractions will be inferred to 0.5%, so they will be negligible in the final product and will not have bad taste or smell of gas.

Gas Clipper

Gas Clipper

This type of gas is the most suitable for making resin extractions since it does not contain any particles and / or foreign products that can be mixed with the oil or BHO.

To buy

The Gas Clipper It is much more refined, and is used to make more extractions to which we clean the waxes, since, for example, to get 1g of Amber Glass you need 100g of grass, which with a wax extraction you take that with 10g of grass.

They are extractions that can have 100% cannabinoids free of impurity (less than 0.0055). In addition, 90% of these cannabinoids are THC. The only drawback is that the taste of gas is noticeable, but still have an excellent quality.

Gas Atomic Zero Impurity

The Gas Atomic Zero Impurity is another gas that is commonly used to extract cannabis oil through the Gasolinator system. Is a mixture of 35% propane and 65% n-butane, pure and clean gas close to 100% and that leaves no waste of any kind and this is reflected in the purity and quality of the extraction carried out.

Gas DME Dexso

With respect to Gas DME Dexso, It's a product organic and non-carcinogenic. Commonly used in the industry of the nutrition and medicine to carry out extractions of essential oils.

It has the ability to dissolve both polar and apolar particles therefore we will get more oil with the same grass as if we use butane gas. Also keep in mind that, although it has a higher price, using 500ml of Dimethyl Ether is like using 900ml of gas butane.

Another point in favor of this gas is that, due to its chemical structure, it is much less explosive and dangerous than petroleum-based solvents, such as butane.

Tips when doing BHO

  1. When working with gas, it is essential to do so out of home, especially at the moment of extraction, which is when the environment is most liberated.
  2. Nor should you use a gas-based kitchen to heat the pot if we are going to eliminate the remaining gas through the water bath. This must always be done in a ceramic hob or a heating plate from laboratory.
  3. When removing the remaining gas from the oil by means of the water bath, it is recommended to turn on the air extractor hood of the kitchen so that the vapors that are generated are not concentrated in the room.
  4. Another factor to keep in mind is the temperature of the vitro, which must always be 1 or 2.
  5. A great tip before performing the extraction, is also freeze the gas bottles. The colder the gas, the more liquid gas we get, therefore, the more liquid passes through our grass, we will get more resin, so we will increase productivity. Therefore it is recommended to put the gas bottle in the freezer 24 hours along with the grass. Think that with the gas at room temperature you will get 70ml of liquid from each 300ml bottle. However, if you freeze it, you can get more than 100ml per 300ml.

In conclusion, when it comes to making BHO oil it is better to invest a little more and buy a good quality gas, which will give you better results and be free of substances harmful to health.

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