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If the marijuana you have stored for a long time is very dry and has lost flavor and aroma, there is a solution! We give you some tips for moisturize your Marijuana in an effective way. They are a series of very simple and economic tricks that you can easily do. We start!

It is quite easy, that when we open the containers for marijuana where we have stored it, we find that the buds are too dry and unappetizing to taste. That the buds are too dry, can be basically due to 2 reasons.

  1. Cannabis has been stored too long
  2. It has been stored in a place that is too dry and with a high temperature

We should not fall into the error of thinking that Cannabis it's too dry it's no longer, well, we can do something to rehydrate it.

Obviously, it will never have the same organoleptic properties as a fresh and well-stored Cannabis. However, with these tips you will get a Cannabis with great aroma and flavor and that it will produce effects similar to those of fresh Cannabis.

Now we will see the best tricks to hydrate the marijuana buds that are too dry and make They look fresh and appetizing.

Tips to Hydrate Dry Marijuana

Orange skin

rehydrate cannabis with oranges

For this form of hydrating Cannabis, you're only going to need fresh orange skins. It is one of the best known forms since it is very practical and is a piece of fruit that is usually consumed. Thus, it's easy to have oranges at home.

So bad you must include some fresh orange skins in a glass container or lunch box along with your dried Cannabis buds.

The amount of orange peel will depend on the amount of Cannabis you want to rehydrate. You just have to leave the skin in the container closed for a few hours, before removing it.

One of the main disadvantages of buds that are very dry is that they may have less flavor.

Thanks to narajna skin, this problem will be solved as it favors the increase in the taste of dry Cannabis.

You must be careful not to leave the Cannabis too long in the container with the orange because they can get too wet, even if mold by excess moisture. Therefore leave it 2 hours and review it. If you see that it is not too wet yet, leave it for a couple of hours but not much longer.

Apple skin

rehydrate cannabis with apple

In addition to the famous orange peel, there are other products that you will find easily in your fridge that also serve to moisten the Cannabis buds that are very dry.

The apple is another of the most used remedies To rehydrate very dry buds, some even prefer it before the skin of the orange. This is due to the apple does not have the aromatic oils which contain citrus fruits like orange.

Bread slices

moisturize cannabis with sliced ​​bread

The common white mold bread is another of the best known methods to rehydrate Cannabis. However, caution should be exercised when using it because contains yeast and this can lead to proliferate mold.

To hydrate marijuana buds with white bread, you just have to take a slice and put it inside the container with the marijuana that you have to rehydrate. We must leave Marijuana with the bread All night long.

Iceberg lettuce

Moisturize marijuana with lettuce

Who does not have lettuce at home? Well, it also works to rehydrate cannabis! For them you need put kitchen paper on the lettuce so that they do not stick to the buds and then you just have to put it in the container along with the dried buds.

Kitchen paper

Moisturize marijuana with paper towels

The kitchen paper is also another method to moisten very dry Cannabis. Above all, it is a great option if we do not have the ingredients mentioned above. You will only have to

Take a piece of moistened kitchen paper and put it on the top of the container.

Then you must put the lid on it and leave it for a few hours. You have to be careful that the kitchen paper does not rub the buds because it will stay stuck. It is a trick that can be done by putting in the container a plastic bag that has moistened kitchen paper. You just have to make small holes in the plastic bag so that the moisture comes out.

When you carry out this trick, your cannabis will be more hydrated and because the humidity of the paper is transferred to the buds. This trick is popularly known as "moisture pumps", and it gives good results when the amount of dry cannabis is high.

Introduce freshly harvested buds

Moisturize marijuana with fresh cannabis

Possibly, this is the best way to rehydrate cannabis buds that are very dry. Only enough introduce freshly harvested buds into the package. When you mix the fresh Cannabis with the dry one, you will divide the wet one and you will obtain an excellent cannabis.

In addition, you will contribute more flavor and smell to old cannabis.

Cotton balls

Moisturize marijuana with cotton

In the same way as with kitchen towels, moistened cotton balls can also help rehydrate very dry cannabis in a very simple way.

For this trick, you just have to pick up a cotton ball and moisten it. After put it in aluminum foil which must be previously made holes.

Next, you should include it in a pot with the dried marijuana and leave it for a few hours. Afterwards, you must remove the cotton and aluminum foil, and the buds will have greater vitality and they will be more humid.

I hope these simple tricks help you to take advantage of your dry buds and that you enjoy consuming them as if they were fresh buds. Try them!

Herb Approach

Here’s what you need to know before seeing your local medical dispensary:You will need a doctor’s recommendation, medical cannabis certificate, or whatever appropriate documentation is needed by your condition. Ordinarily, you must be 18 or older to be eligible for a medical authorization, but exceptions could be made in some conditions for minors with particularly debilitating problems. You will often enroll with a medicinal dispensary. This is to keep your medical cannabis recommendation or certificate on file for legal and regulatory purposes. There will be a waiting space. This is to control the circulation of product and patients, but a straightforward dividing wall also gives patients solitude and direct one-on-one contact using a budtender to candidly discuss medical issues. Many times, but not always, your purchases will be monitored by medical dispensaries. This procedure can help budtenders and patients monitor effective medicine in addition to possess a living record of producers and products for future reference and follow up. Medicinal dispensaries usually permit you to smell and examine the buds prior to purchase. This might differ from state-to-state.

DOES AN APPLICANT NEED MUNICIPAL APPROVAL BEFORE RECEIVING A RETAIL CANNABIS LICENSE? Yes, municipal approval is required before the AGLC will subject a retail cannabis license. Applicants must get in contact with their planned municipality to learn requirements concerning municipal retail cannabis legislation, zoning requirements, land-use restrictions, and location requirements concerning how close a retail shop can be into a provincial health care centre, school, or parcel of property designated as a college reserve.
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